The Packers Pick Up Jimmy Graham Shows The Importance Of A Scoring Tight End

The Packers won the Jimmy Graham sweepstakes yesterday. They barely won out against the Saint which wanted him back to finish career where he started. Graham signed a contract for 30 million over 3 years. Yesterday the Packers also said goodbye to Jordy Nelson which is one part of the best duo in packers history (69 tds) along with Aaron Rodgers.

Why would the Packers let go of Nelson and pick up Graham? Simple, it comes down to a perfect fit. Throughout Graham’s career, he has been a red zone target and a sure handed TE. He is also a great blocker. Every contending team has to have a redzone threat and that’s what the Packers picked up.

After some consideration, it looks like the Bengals might want to resign Tyler Eifert. The Bengals say they want to contend and they really can’t afford to let him go. A one year deal is maybe in the works mostly incentive based due to his injuries. He is now at 100%.

The Bengals need a TE like Tyler Eifert was in 2015. Expect the Bengals to still draft a 3rd to 4th round Tight End. If healthy, this should be Eifert’s show.


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