Will The Bengals Trade Vontaze Burfict?

In the last hour there has been an uproar in Bengal Nation. This is only a speculated rumor. The rumor is the Bengals and Raiders are trying to work out a trade. There are no details but just talks.

Why would the Bengals trade Vontaze Burfict. They made him an extension on his contract last year for 3 years and 38 million dollars. The only thing I can see is they are unloading more cap space and is tired of Burficts attics on the field. Then why extend him last year.

There really isn’t anything the Bengals would want from the Raiders. The wheels are turning on why this would even be a rumor that people would believe is true.

There will be more on the details. If this is a true statement then there will be a lot of unhappy faithful fans in Cincinnati. I hope I can report that this was indeed just a rumor.


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