The Pre Free Agent Mock Draft By The Cincinnati Bengals

Honestly the whole thing behind trading draft picks with the Bills was because there was not going to be a good prospect on the offensive line at 12. With the Cordy Glenn along with that trade made it possible to go after other needs at the 21st selection. Rashaan Evans was the best Linebacker on the board from Alabama.

On pick number 46, that was a great time to pick up one of the best versatile offensive linemen in the draft. Billy Price was placed in the top 15 before the combine but then his slight injury made it possible to get him in the second round. The plan would be play him at Center unless a free agent like Ryan Jensen and then move Price to Guard.

Mike Gesicki is one Tight End that is too good to pass up in the 3rd round. He is a great compliment to Tyler Eifert. Our second pick in the 3rd round is Justin Reid, a Safety from Stanford. I personally have been following his career so it was a surprise to see him in the 3rd round. He is steal number one!!!!

In the 4th round there was nothing at all in the mist of a good offensive lineman so it was time to go after Levi Wallace, the better of the two CBs from Alabama.

Luke Faulk is a very good QB which in eyes of many can be a steal in the 5th round.

There will be more detail these picks at a later time. Follow by email to get the latest posts. There is a reason to the madness. If the Bengals play the free agency game early the mock draft will change. With the resent events, I don’t see much changes unless the Bengals play aggressive in Free Agency.



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