The Bengals Should Address Their Biggest Need : Center

Ryan Jensen could be the highest paid Center in the league next season. There are many factors why he should be a Bengal. There are also many factors why the Ravens never resigned him.

There are three major reasons why Jensen will not be a Raven next season.

  • His value just recently went up . Matt Paradise, from the Denver Broncos, just got tendered which will elevate the market in favor of Ryan Jensen. He will be worth in the rage of about 10 million a year.
  • The Ravens will be looking at the big stock of Offensive Linemen in the draft. Billy Price is a major one they want in the second round and if he is off the board then they will pick Ragnow from Arkansas in later rounds.
  • The Center position is not even close to a concern as many other positions need to be filled. They think Jensen is already overvalued.

There are many reasons why the Bengals should sign Ryan Jensen.

  • The Bengals might have solved their offensive line problems as long as they grab a Center in free agency. They can select Billy Price in the draft but if there is a chance to contend there has to be an established Center.
  • With the Cordy Glenn trade the Bengals have all the pieces in place as long as the Center position is filled.
  • Kill two birds with one stone. The Ravens great Offensive Line will be without their commander and the Bengals will benefit. The Ravens, no matter who was at running back, had wholes to go through.
  • Ryan Jensen is light years better than Russell Bodine. Bodine had the worst grade of Center last year and Jensen was in the top five.

Ryan Jensen will be expensive. He might be too expensive. With the Bengals signing Jensen it would main a lot to the fans. It would be turning over a new leaf. Every Super Bowl contender does it by playing the free market. The Bengals need to change their ways. They have plenty of space. He only started last season but made an impressive impact especially in the running game.


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