The Bengals Get A perfect Trade

When you think of the Cincinnati Bengals you never think of a team that trades before Free Agency. In this do or die two-year window so far it looks like Marvin Lewis is pulling out all the stops. The Bengals scored big in this young off-season. Just two days away from the start of the NFL calendar year and they land a all-pro LT. Cordy Glenn has been on the Bengals mind since the Bills announced they were shopping him.

Now the left side of the line is fully structured. Cordy Glenn will play Left Tackle and Clint Boling will play Left Guard. hey were a devastating duo when they played together for the Georgia Bulldogs in 2008 to 2010.

This was a great deal. It goes to show that the Bengals were not very optimistic in landing a quality Offensive Lineman at the 12 spot. The Bengals will have Cordy Glenn under contract for 3 more years for just under 30 million which is a great deal for a starting Tackle.


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