The Bengals Traded For Cordy Glenn And Now They Should Go After Juwoan James

The Bengals are in desperate need of Offensive tackles. There looks like a nice market for the position. Instead of picking one up in free agency, why not make a few trades. Cordy Glenn has been a chess piece for the Buffalo Bills since the end of last season. Juwoan James is a new OT on the list of possible trades. He will even possibly be cut if there isn’t a trade made by March 14th.

The Bengals have made a trade for Cordy Glenn. They will swap first round picks which give the Bengals the 21st pick and the Bills get the 12th pick. Then they will also swap 5th and sixth round picks. The Bengals will have 187th pick and the Bills will have the 158th pick. That is a very good trade and the protection for Andy Dalton is under way. The deal won’t be final till March 14th.

Juwoan James is in trade talks mainly because the Dolphins want to dump a lot of cap. Keep in mind the Texans and the Broncos are in need of a RT. The Bengals will need to get a trade going before free agency because the Texans and Broncos will throw gold at him. If he becomes a free agent then it would take 10 of the 15 million that the Bengals reportedly are wanting to spend. juwoan james

The main focus this year was to upgrade the offensive line. There are two very good tackles they could get. The two guards they need they might already have. Christian Westerman was a gem at the end of last season and there is a possibility of moving Cedric over to Guard. Then continue growing depth on the line with the draft.



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