A Couple Of Things The Bengals Fans Need To Know About Chris Baker

When a lot of fans look at Chris Baker and see his stats they wonder “WHY”. He only has 214 tackles (128 solo tackles), 12 sacks,  7 pass deflections , and 5 forced fumbles. It doesn’t seem like much does it. There was many factors that led up to these stats and why it was a great move to take a good chance on him.

First of all, he started his career as being undrafted with the Denver Broncos. He had played one game and let him go. The Broncos had no need for an undrafted DL in 2009. He was picked up in mid-season of 2009 by the dolphins. Baker was signed to the practice squad in 2010 then became active and played one game before being cut again in 2011. Then the Redskins signed him in 2011 to the practice squad and then was activated and did not play a single game due to a quad injury. He was fully healed in 2012 and recorded his first sack in week 7. In 2014 he was playing good enough to get a 3 year deal and became a big name in 2015. The Tampa Bay Bucs signed Baker during free agency and did nothing with him.

So here are some reasons why Chris Baker  is a good sign.

  • First of all his size is exactly what Teryl Austin wanted. 6’3 and 330 pounds.
  • He is back with a coach that knew how talented he can be ( Jim Haslett).
  • He has the support of a great defensive line that already exists in Cincinnati.
  • He is better than the player he will be replacing in Pat Sims.
  • One year 3 million dollar contract is a great deal for a 30-year-old vet in any position.

He has had on the field issues. One of the negatives that Bengal fans see the most due to the nature of the teams makeup in the Marvin Lewis reign.

Final note: Next year’s class of defensive linemen is a better class to be selecting a rookie which makes a final reason to sign Baker.


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