The Seahawks Legion Of Boom Is Becoming No Longer And Soon The Bengals Defense Will Become Stronger Then Ever

In the past two years the decades most dominant defense, THE LEGION OF BOOM, has quickly become extinct. Last year Bruce Irving started it all by leaving due to free agency. Then last year Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor and career threatening injures. This week Michael Bennett got traded to the Eagles and Richard Sherman was publicly saying his goodbyes. For the last seven years in a whole the Seahawks  had the most dominant defense in football which quickly diminished. Stephen A. Smith saw this coming.

On the other hand, the Bengals defense is on the rise yet again. It was hard last year to see the accomplishments of the defense when you are overlooked by turmoil on the offensive side of the ball. The defensive line just got stronger with the signing of Chris Baker and the end of a declining Pat Sims. There is good speculation that the Bengals will re-sign Chris Smith before free agency starts and in the near future we will see the extension of Geno Atkins and hopefully Carlos Dunlap.

The linebacker core will be addressed with a top linebacker in the draft. The linebacker class is real deep. Look for a steal in the 4th round Jack Cichy from Wisconsin. The secondary needs some help at the safety positions but all in all the true test for this emerging defense is the Defensive Coordinator Teryl Austin. Marvin Lewis and Teryl Austin both agree to keep the line big and powerful so it looks like all the signings should go through.

Just remember, the Bengals have a very young defense as a whole. How did the Legion Of Boom start? They started young and they kept them together for as long as they did. Mike Brown keep this defense solid and keep adding on to the depth.



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