Le’Veon Bell Receives The Franchise Tag Again

Le’Veon Bell for the second straight year got hit with the franchise tag again in Pittsburgh. According to sources the two sides are not even close to a deal. They almost had a deal last year for 5 years and 60 million dollars. Now this years tag give Bell 14 million for his last tag year.

What is Bell looking for? He demands that the running back paying tier should be higher than the wide receivers which that was the case a decade ago. He thinks the NFL is miss representing what a running back with his talent should get in a contract. Bell wants to be the top paid running back but also get compensated for his receiving attributes. He is the only RB that knows and can run every route tree and can be moved out to any receiving position. In his first five years he has the most average all-purpose years with 122 yards and it isn’t even close to the second best.

Bell wont be happy till you give him top RB money which would give him about 16 million a year. Then his compensation for his receiving attributes will want another 6 million. All in all if the Steelers can’t make at least a 20 million a year for 5 years or more, there will be another team that will.

Now here is the deal as of now with the tag. The Steelers signed the franchise tag before the deadline. Now the question will be : When will Bell sign the tender? Last year he held out most of training camp and miss the pre-season. What will happen this year? What lengths will Bell go to get his contract and stay as a Steeler.

Teams around the league won’t mind seeing Bell hold out for as long as he wants. Bell has destroyed every defense whether it be by the run or by the pass.

This is on a Bengals blog for the soul fact that could this be the end of the line for the Bell Steeler connection and if so who would jump on him. Rest assured it won’t be the Bengals. Joe Mixon is the next possible all-purpose genius. Remember what Bell has done in trying to set the bar for RBs and what could happen if Mixon is the real deal also.


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