The Bengals First 2018 Mock Draft After The NFL Combine

The first pick by the Cincinnati Bengals look like it will be the same as the last mock draft that was posted. Roquan Smith is still has unbelievable speed and fills gaps quick. He is also one of the best coverage Linebackers in the draft. There will be conflict with this though. If the Bengals trade down to about 18 or 19 then they can make a play for Vita Vea. Teryl Austin loves everything big and that guy is a mammoth. Take the trade option out and the Bengals will pick a Linebacker that can start immediately alongside Vontaze Burfict.

Roquan Smith
Roquan Smith is the most athletic linebacker in the draft.

Every mock should have a versatile player on the Offensive Line. That player is Billy Price from Ohio State. He is listed as a Center but he can also play Guard. He will start next year too but it depends where. Coach Marvin Lewis is still pondering the idea of keeping Russell Bodine at Center.

Billy Price
Billy Price is the most versatile OL in the draft.

In the 3rd round, the Bengals will pick the best TE in the draft. Mike Gesicki from Penn State is a perfect complement to Tyler Eifert. He blew everyone’s minds in the combine

Mike Gesicki (2)
Mike Gesicki best TE to compliment Tyler Eifert

with his speed and athleticism. Even if the Bengals do resign Eifert, it will be a small contract with an incentive base. Gesicki should be a Bengal for a long time.

The Bengals get a second pick in the 3rd round and that is where a desperateĀ  need for an Offensive Tackle comes into play. Alex Cappa From Humboldt State is one of the most dominant Division II Tackle in the country. He is a beast at 6’7″ 305 pounds and has quick foot work for combination blocks. With an added bonus, he hits you like a freight train.

The one pick that isn’t a great pick in the 4th round is Tim Settle from Virgina Tech. At the time a lot of the better Defensive linemen were already picked. With that said this should be a real good pick (a steal for his talent). He lost weight and gained quickness last year. He is now 6’3″ 335 pounds. He explodes off the line very quick for a big man. With the possibility of Michael Johnson getting cut, look for a big man like Settle to fill in.

The Bengals for a long time was known to have depth at Linebacker. They should look for a linebacker that defeats all odds. Shaquem Griffin from Central Florida has become one of the best known players at the combine. He plays with one arm and he plays like he has three. He shows quickness against the run and is a great coverage linebacker.

The first mock that was done had Riley Ferguson from Memphis for the Bengals new backup Quarterback. He is known for what this league is about. He is a thrower and he throws the football 35 to 50 times a game. He uses weapons well especially for their speed. He will be ready to learn the system under Andy Dalton.

The last four picks are two safeties ( Damon Webb from Ohio State and Tre Flowers from Oklahoma State), a second Center (Scott Quessenberry from UCLA), and a Cornerback (davontae Harris from Illinois State). The Bengals wont see much time for these players except maybe Scott Quessenberry.

For the most part, this mock draft looks like something Marvin Lewis adopted due to the new additions to the coaching. Depending on any Free Agent additions this mock draft is very good to have stood.


5 thoughts on “The Bengals First 2018 Mock Draft After The NFL Combine

  1. No way does Griffin fall that far. He’ll be gone by round 3. He’s good enough to be a first rounder and if not, most definitely an early second rounder. Who takes TWO centers when they need two new tackles? This is no good

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the new boards came out to late or i did this mock to early because i was thinking after the combine how in the hell can Griffin still be there lol


    2. i agree with that but also in the combine we learned the OL class is not even class to what we all thought and the good OTs were taken after 12. Billy Price can play guard too and they can change up the existing line also. we will be fine. Let Frank Pollack do his magic.


    1. thanks for the compliment and my next mock draft has a great option at slot plus remember mixon can play the slot. he is dynamic like Bell


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