Billy Price Injury At The NFL Combine And What It Does To His NFL Draft Status

Billy Price was a main focus for a lot of teams at the NFL Combine. As Billy Price finished his bench press after three reps on Thursday night something happened. He suffered a partially torn pectoral muscle. The colts doctors treated him and said ” This looks minor and he should be ready to play by training camp 4 months tops”. Listen to a clip of Billy Price press conference .

Billy Price was expected to go in the first to second round in the draft. What will this do to his draft status? The Bengals have already gambled and missed on Cedric when he got hurt in the off-season before his rookie year.

Price is still one of the Bengals main targets even after the injury. He still has a lot of teams that want him and knows he should bounce back from this. Expect him to still be early to late second round. His versatility means too much to so many teams.

The Bengals fans can’t forget when William Jackson III suffered a torn pec and was placed on IR before season started. He came back the next year to put on a powerful display. Should the Bengals still take that chance? THE ANSWER IS YES!!!!!


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