Quenton Nelson Is The Best Gifted Offensive Lineman We Seen In A Very Long Time

Quenton Nelson will be the main focus at the combine for Offensive line. So many teams want this future All-Pro Guard. There are some teams like the Bears and the Bengals that are considering him for a Left Tackle instead of a Guard. If you have a dominant guard they should have no problem transitioning to a tackle.

The Bengals need a tackle more than a guard and the great ability of a good tackle isn’t really in this draft class. Quenton Nelson is by far maybe the best athletic player at any position in the whole entire draft.

This is what Duke Tobin Said about Nelson “As fine a college football player as I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not sure he can’t play any of the five spots up front. … He’s certainly earned his way to the top of this draft.” He should be there at 12th pick and it looks like it’s hard to see the Bengals look at anyone else.

It is totally scary what this kid does when he locks down on his prey. Draft Nelson and the offensive line is half way solved.


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