Teddy Bridgewater Is Expected To Be A Free Agent And The Bengals Need A Backup

It was two years ago when the Vikings organization said Teddy Bridgewater is their franchise Quarterback. Since then he has had a knee injury that should have ended his career at an early age. The Vikings elected not to tag Case Keenum which was the backup that got them in place for a possible Super Bowl this past season. Neither are they interested in resigning Bridgewater.

Bengals should get an interest. First off he is only 25 and still has plenty of potential left even after a possible career ending injury. He would be an All Pro caliber player as a backup so that the Bengals would not lose any ability at the backup position due to losing AJ McCarron. He has had a short career in the spotlight so if he is needed he will be ready unlike a rookie QB.

Bridgewater is known more for his mobility. He extends plays as long as he can and with a cast of receivers he would have with the Bengals would help him. The Bengals haven’t really had QB like Bridgewater for he is nothing like your traditional pocket QBs. His stats aren’t very impressive on paper but he was on a team with Adrian Peterson. They had a run first offense and Bridgewater was a run QB.

Teddy Bridgewater's Stats
Teddy Bridgewater is a mobile QB. The numbers don’t do him justice with Adrian Peterson on the team



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