Is John Ross All In Or All Out?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that John Ross rookie year was one of the worst fails by a number one draft pick for the Bengals. Ross was in for only a handful of plays and even that spelled disaster.

The answer to the question can go two ways. In 2015 Cedric Ogbuehi didn’t play much. He was even out of action after his senior year with an injury. He still hasn’t played like a first rounder. Then there is the other side with  William Jackson III . He didn’t play his rookie year either in 2016. His second year is one of the best comebacks for a second year first round draft choice.

John Ross will fall into one of the two answers just mentioned. Best thing going for him is that his speed is back which was one of the reasons he was drafted. As long as he can get timing down pat and he can draw that double team the Bengals wanted then he will be a great number two threat.

Here is a taste of what the Bengals want for Ross next season.


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