Preston Brown Is The Only Free Agent The Bengals Should Go After On Defense

The Bengals will be going after Preston Brown formerly of the Buffalo Bills. They will not be putting a franchise tag on him and they have areas that need more attention and less expensive options to sign. The Bills might have to let Brown go due to having only about 21 million in cap space.

Preston Brown has become one of the premiere Linebackers in the game. He just finished his rookie contract and in that time he has averaged over 100 tackles a season

Preston Brown being dominate
Preston Brown dominates all over the field

and has become one of the best coverage linebackers in the game. His next contract will estimate 5 to 6 million a year and wanting a long-term contract.

The Bengals Linebacker¬†core is known for run defense. The Bengals haven’t had a coverage linebacker in decades. With the addition of Brown, he will add versatility. In Brown’s 4 years he has played in a 3-4 defense and a 4-3 defense. He can play outside and middle linebacker. His speed sideline to sideline is like no other.

With Vontaze Burfict , Preston Brown , and a high draft choice this can be a very hard linebacker core to stop.



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