Andy Dalton Is The Bengals Quarterback : Don’t Even Think About A QB Picked In First Round

There are a lot of Andy Dalton haters in the media and a lot Bengal fans also. Make no mistake Dalton is the guy till his contract is up. There have been some claims lately that the Bengals will pick Josh Allen. He is going to be a great Quarterback, so why should the Bengals pick him as a backup.

The Bengals should still address the Offensive Line and Linebacker in the draft. Mixed in with all that will be finding the next backup and suitor for when Dalton is done. There are some great prospects in the middle rounds.

  • Riley Ferguson – Excellent in a fast paced offense. majority of his passes are more than ten yards and he passes a lot. He is very accurate for a QB that throws 30 to 40 a game. Riley Ferguson draft profile
  • Luke Falk – He has quick feet and a great quick release. He is also very tall to see the whole field with not much distraction. Luke Falk draft profile

The styles of both QBs can fit in the Bengals offense. The height of Falk will give him more of an advantage. Ferguson is the type of QB that can run a west coast offense if the Bengals ever bring it back. These two QBs also can give Dalton a run for his money as they gain experience. Dalton is the guy now but these two will be ready if the Bengals need a change.


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