Andrew Norwell Is A Wanted Free Agent Without A Tag

Should the Carolina Panthers franchise tag Andrew Norwell? Of course they should. Financially they wont. They already have too much money tied up in their offensive line. There are many teams that want to win the Norwell sweepstakes.

The Giants have reportedly wanted to pay him the highest amount for an offensive lineman. The Seahawks have been waiting for a legitimate upgrade for years on their offensive line. Then the Bengals that have gambled poorly on two top draft picks on their offensive  line need to make a change.

At the moment the these are the three top teams that will make a play for him . Question is can the Bengals sell the plan. The Giants already said it would take a few years of rebuilding before they make a deep run. The Bengals have no choice to make a deep run now. It is up to Andrew Norwell whether he wants to be shown the money or go deep into the playoffs on his next contract. As far as fits go, Norwell will fit best with the Bengals.

What will that mean for the rest of the line? Frank Pollack was really impressed with Christian Westerman at Left Guard which makes me believe he has the possibility of starting. Andrew Norwell can transition easier to Right Guard. They can keep Clint Boling as the Left Tackle and get a high pick on a OT. Kolton Miller is on the radar but is a Left Tackle. If he can make a transition to Right Tackle then that will create stability on the right side as far as pass protection. Miller is the top tackle in pass protection. The best Center in the draft now is Frank Ragnow.

Kolton Miller will be on the board by the 12th pick. In the second round Ragnow might be there. There could be a trade up just in case. Then sign Andrew Norwell and keep Clint Boling and Christian Westerman. The Bengals offensive line will be solved.


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