Will The Bengals Go After A Linebacker In Free Agency?

The main topic around the NFL is the cutting of Brian Cushing formerly of the Houston Texans. In 2013. he became the highest paid LB at that time. Since then he has had ACL issues and was suspended two times for PED. The last suspension was last year being suspended for 10 games without pay. His problems with PEDs and his injures kept him from being the Linebacker he was supposed to be.

Question is: Will the Bengals cut a deal with Cushing. With his resume, He won’t be a long-term but when he is healthy he is still fast sideline to sideline. The Denver Broncos are the team that has been thinking about taking him but they have value tied up in LB position already. The Bengals went for a Linebacker last year with Kevin Minter which didn’t do well for the LB core.

Brian Cushing will be a very costly expense even with his history. He was averaging around 9 million a year since 2013. He probably wont get that and wont get a long-term deal with anyone. Experts say he could be worth 6 million a yr for no more than two years with a possible extension if he becomes what he was meant to be.

It is now looking like the Bengals will be going OL in the draft instead of playing in FA. They will have plenty to move if they want to take a chance on Brian Cushing but at the same time draft a Linebacker early.


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