Where Will AJ McCarron Go?

Since the Bengals are going to lose out completely on AJ McCarron and also owe him salary lost in the 2014 season plus interest all they can do is watch the parade of teams that are eyeing his talent.

Chat Sports (a YouTube Channel) has five teams that are going to fight over AJ McCarron and that is after fighting over Kirk Cousins.

  • 5. Denver Broncos – Should not even be on the list because they should already have Kirk Cousins in the bag but if they lose out they could grab McCarron. Great upside for AJ. They have a great defense, good receivers, and an established running game.
  • 4. Buffalo Bills – More than likely the Bills will cut ties with Tyrod Taylor. The Bills have a good defense and an established offensive line and a huge running attack. The Bills will address getting weapons in the draft.
  • 3. New York Jets – The team has a lot of money to throw. The Jets had a chance to get AJ in a trade last year. If McCarron wants a big salary the jets will get him but if you want things set to win deep in the playoffs. It will be a lose to play for the Jets.
  • 2. Arizona Cardinals – This team is my pick. Even though McCarron’s weapons would be old. Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson is some of the most elite talent on one team in the game.
  • 1. Cleveland Browns – Hue Jackson already has had a friendship with AJ McCarron and the Browns have the most money to spend. With all the money still they will have a better time landing AJ then Cousins.
  • Add to my list – the Minnesota Vikings. Mike Zimmer another Bengals former Bengals coach could land McCarron. The Vikings have the best one two punch in the NFL. They have the offensive line and a great young running game. The whole team is young even the great defense.

If the Arizona Cardinals don’t get McCarron then the Vikings will get him. Either way there is tons of interest for a backup that the Bengals will always remember.


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