The Bengals Should Think About A Trade Now

The biggest need for the Bengals is at the Tackle position. There are not many OT’s out there in Free Agency and there is no reassurance a draft pick can do the job right away. The Bengals are known for building through the draft but they might have a two-year window left to get a good playoff run going.

The best advice is to go through trade. The biggest talk of an offensive lineman is Cordy Glenn of the Buffalo Bills. The Bills want to make a trade before the 5th day of the NFL year so they don’t have to pay the 2 million dollar bonus. Counting the 2 million in bonuses every year and his salary for the rest of his current contract would be 9.5 million in 2018 and 7.5 million the last 2 seasons of his current contract.


What should the Bengals give in return?                                                                                          The Bills need a wide receiver with speed. They should think about giving up Cody Core and a second round or a third for Cordy Glenn. The biggest competition would be the Giants. The Giants need a Tackle also but they also have great draft position for a team that needs a Quarterback also. The Bills have been thinking about replacing Tyrod Taylor. Now if the coaching staff can be convinced Tyrod Taylor just needs more targeted receivers then the trade the Bengals can make will be possible.

The thing to remember is who has better cap space and is it financially possible to take on Cordy Glenn’s contract. The Bengals will not only have more than enough room for his contract this year and still buy in free agency and still has plenty in the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

This move can give hope to the Bengal faithful. The Bengals are promising a contender before Marvin Lewis contract is up. That doesn’t give them enough time to build through the draft.

The video below lists 24 other players that could be traded and it was made a couple of weeks ago. when you see Alex Smith on there don’t be alarmed this was weeks ago.



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