The Bengals Last Mock Draft Before The NFL Combine

There are a lot of changes from the last mock draft. Instead of going Linebacker as the number one pick, it will be Quenton Nelson at Guard. This whole off-season Nelson has been in the top ten in every single draft board. Even it was mentioned before that we could have our Guards in place from the last two games last year, there needs to be competition and depth at the Guard position. The best part about him is when he latches on to you he dominates you till the play is over and he has heightened awareness on pass protection.

There have been many debates on there not being any great Offensive Tackles in the draft. The past few mock draft boards have seen the top Tackles getting picked lower and the others coming up the ladder. Chukwuma Okorafor is an excellent pick from Western Michigan. He is a 6’5 333 pounds monster with unbelievable power and great footwork speed which was missed by all the prospects last year at the Tackle position. He does however need to work on his hand strength and he doesn’t always get the leverage he needs. That can be solved with Frank Pollack helping him out.

Depending on the Combine coming up, Leighton Vander Esch probably won’t be on the board in the third round but if he is there it is a must to take him off the board. He has unbelievable blitzing schemes. He has picture perfect tackling. Although he isn’t as fast as the top Linebackers in the draft he makes up for in awareness.

The Bengals still need a Center in the draft and Bradley Bozeman from Alabama would be a great pickup in the 3rd round. He will have immediate signs of starting over Bodine

Bradley Bozeman
An under rated center with long arms and strength which the Bengals don’t have with Bodine

due to quickness and arm strength and size.



Duke Ejiofor, Godwin Igwebulke, and Breeland Speaks round-up the next three spots. Godwin is an extreme need at the safety position.

The controversial pick in this mock draft is the Quarterback pick. Nic Scimonek from Texas Tech didn’t give a good showing as far as record but his stats speak for themselves. Last year he had 33 touchdowns and 10 interceptions with 3963 yards passing and a 66.5 % completion rate. He will strictly be the backup and if he needs to be used for any reason he will be learning the game under Andy Dalton.

The three picks in round seven were all attractive depth lock ins. None of them will be starting next year. It is always good to get some insurance.

So far out of all three mock drafts that have been done on this site, this is the one that looks very attractive to get a low A to a B+ grade from the experts. Please comment about the thoughts about this mock draft.


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