The Bengals Have The Third Easiest Schedule In The League In 2018

The Bengals desperately need to play a big part in Free Agency and the Draft this off-season due to the schedule next season in order to capitalize on it. Even without making any moves it is still a real easy schedule but like any franchise these teams the Bengals will be play will be improving also.

Next year the AFC North will be playing the AFC West. As last year has shown, there was a lot of injuries and a lot of inconsistency by each team in that division.

John Elway
John Elway Is Still Rebuilding And Still Doesn’t Have His QB In Place
  • Denver Broncos – Since Suber Bowl 50 the Broncos and John Elway have been in rebuilding stages and is continuing as they still search for a QB and many other holes on the entire team.


  • Oakland Raiders – Since the injury to Derek Carr in 2016 the offense hasn’t been the same.


  • San Diego Chargers – The last two seasons the Chargers have been plagued with injuries
Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes takes over for the Chiefs next season
  • Kansas City Chiefs – This will be one of the harder ones but the weakness will be the first round draft choice of last years draft ( Patrick Mahomes ) as he takes over for Alex Smith that left in a big trade.




The AFC North gets to also play the NFC South which was good last year but there will be changes in a lot of the teams makeup. The Falcons and Panthers are taking big hits on Free Agency. The home games will be against the Saints and the Bucs. Tampa Bay has be overly inconsistent in the past especially with the offense but it is partially due to Jameis Winston being injury prone. The biggest issue for the Saints is wether they will re-sign Drew Brees the future Hall Of Famer that always tears our defense apart.

Drew Brees
Will the Saints win Drew Brees back during Free Agency


The Bengals will play two other teams : the Dolfins and the Colts. The Colts have had needs on defense for quite a while and the Dolphins will have some good players leave.

Then finally the Bengals have their own AFC North competitors. The Cleveland Browns are still in a nearly 2 decade rebuild. The Ravens have had problems with the Bengals ever since Joe Flacco won his Super Bowl ring. Then the Steelers will be the question mark. Will the Steelers sweep or will they sleep on the Bengals.

In retrospect, next season fell into place at a very good time. A lot of the teams they play are rebuilding or has had consistency issues.

EARLY PREDICTIONS 11-5 as long as they play well in the Free Agency period and draft well.


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