AJ McCarron Wins His Grievance Against The Bengals

AJ McCarron wins his grievance against the Bengals and is now an unrestricted free agent. When he was still restricted before today only the Browns were willing to possibly pay the tender. Now that he is an unrestricted free agent a lot more teams are wanting to make a play for AJ McCarron.

AJ McCarron
AJ McCarron can finally stop being a backup to Andy Dalton

The Bengals missed out on getting anything for McCarron as he enters free agency on March 14th. The Browns are the front-runners for making a deal but now the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, and the Jaguars. The question is what team will take AJ McCarron over Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins could become the highest paid QB so teams like the Jets and Browns with the most cap space could go for Cousins.

The Cardinals and Broncos will not be able to afford Cousins. Look for AJ McCarron to possibly land a starting job with one of those teams. The Browns are still deciding whether to go with a top QB draft pick or take one of the two best QB’s in free agency.

The best way to look at this in a fan’s perspective is that AJ McCarron could possibly not be playing against the Bengals twice a year.There is a good chance with the Broncos completely rebuilding that they will snatch AJ from them.


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