The Bengals Sign Bobby Hart To A Future Contract

The Cincinnati Bengals started early on the free agent hunt by signing Bobby Hart to a future contract which all contracts will be complete on the start of free agent period (March 14). He got released by the Giants on Feb. 9, 2018. Bill Lazor has a Right Tackle that’s a work in progress and will come very cheap.

Bobby Hart was the Giants 7th round draft pick in 2015 from Florida State. In 2016 he played 13 games playing RT while Marshall Newhouse was out with an injury. He played 10 games in 2017. On Dec. 30, 2017 he was placed on IR with an ankle injury. They placed him on IR because he refused to play in the last game of the season.

Bobby Hart
Bobby Hart looking on while on IR

There hasn’t been much going for him so far in his career. 21 games started in his 33 that he played so far. He needs a lot of work to be done.

In his rookie contract he signed a 4 year 2.35 million dollar contract. He would have been on his last year. With his problems with not progressing he should not even come close to breaking the bank. Maybe the Bengals are jumping the gun with this free agent. Hopefully there will be better moves to come when the FA season starts.

This signing not only shows that there isn’t much in way of quality Tackles but also it is a slap in the face to the Tackles we have right now. Hopefully the Bengals will find the potential that no one has seen yet out of this man.

This is what isn’t understandable. This is Bobby Hart’s PFF score in 2017. He had a worse score then anyone of the Bengals offensive lineman last year.



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