Bengals Missing Jones And Sanu Vs A Stacked Receiving Core

There is no hiding the fact that the Bengals have one of the deepest receiving core in the league. They have very good talent from rookie to the vets. Former Offensive Coordinator Zampese started off with this “stacked” receiving core but realized the importance of each role they play was not his stong suit not to mention that he was dealing with a below average offensive line.

Since AJ Green has walked onto the field he emerged to be one of the most consistent elite wide receivers in the league the past seven years. He had his best years when he had talent that was recognized to break down the double team. That is the main reason why the Bengals miss Marvin Jones Jr. and Mohamed Sanu.

Sure Green missed their unbelievable talent but they also proved that Jones is a No.1 receiver for the Detroit Lions ( taking over Calvin Johnson’s No.1 spot ). Sanu is still playing under another elite Wide Receiver named Julio Jones in Atlanta but still proving the Bengals missed his services.

The Bengals receiver core now has a bunch of talent that hasn’t even gotten a chance to be recognized aside from Brandon LaFell which has reached his prime when he was with the Patriots.

  • Tyler Boyd – One of the best rookie receivers of last year couldn’t make a mark this year due to being lost in the chaos.
  • John Ross – Major first round surprise disappointment. Great speed but played a bench roll all season due to injury.
  • Cody Core – A great 2nd receiver from Mississippi with good speed great hands.
  • Josh Malone – A nice offensive steal last in last years draft from Tennessee. Interesting to see how much potential can be tapped from him. ( more talent then Ross )
  • Alex Erickson – Great return talent and started to make his mark last season under Lazor

This is Lazor’s first full year as Offensive Coordinator. He needs to find a way to tap out all the potential out of this stacked receiver core. They missed a lot of wasted talent by not knowing how to use the talent. Of course it will help greatly now that Joe Mixon finally broke into the starting role at running back which is another deadly talent as a receiver. It will make Bill Lazor and Andy Dalton’s life a lot easier when the offensive line is fixed also.

In conclusion at this time the answer is yes. The Bengals are missing Marvin Jones and Marvin Sanu. Let’s see what Lazor can do to tap out this stacked potential the Bengals have.


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