Where Will AJ McCarron Be Next Season?

AJ McCarron is set to have has hearing this week on whether he becomes a restricted free agent (which he is now) or an unrestricted free agent. Either way it is looking clearer every day that the Browns will want him regardless. As of now, AJ’s status would allow the Bengals to sign a first or second round tender. The Browns have been thinking about having a Quarterback first in the draft which would be the cheaper move but with all that cap space why not sign McCarron to a multi-year deal.

The Browns will have some experience at the position instead of grooming a QB for the future. He wont even have the half the contract Jimmy Garoppalo had last year for the 49ers. The Browns wanted a trade with the Bengals before the trade dead line last year but was unable to complete the deal on time. If McCarron remains a restricted free agent then the Bengals can still get value for McCarron. If the ruling gives him unrestricted status then the Bengals wont get a thing.

The Browns have wanted AJ McCarron for a long time. Hue Jackson (head coach of the Browns) loved his services when he had to fill in for Andy Dalton when he was the Offensive Coordintor with the Bengals.


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