Andy Dalton Needs A No. 2 Receiver

The past two years Andy Dalton has been playing without a reliable No.2 receiver. Brandon LaFell has been filling that role well but as far as ability to the No.1 receiver AJ Green, he is not even close. The Bengals need a proven speed demon and a breakout Wide Receiver that can come cheap.

Taylor Gabriel is my first pick. He has only been in the league for four years. At best so far he has only been a third receiver for the Browns and the Falcons. The Browns have always had Quarterback issues and was unable to display his talent.  The Falcons picked him up on waivers in 2016 and proved to be a very responsive third receiver behind Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu. He has the ability to stretch the defense and get double teams off Green which LaFell can’t do. He can be a deep threat. Gabriel averages 35 catches a year and with being a second receiver he can get easily 50 to 60 catches. His target to catch rate is very good. He runs great routes and has shut down speed for the deep threat.

Expected contract on Taylor Gabriel is probably about the same contract as Brandon LaFell. LaFell has no dead cap this year so they can release him and sign a more capable wide receiver. The more valued choice should be Taylor Gabriel.



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