Cincinnati Bengals Mock Draft #2 Going Linebacker For First Pick

It’s been known that the Bengals didn’t go Offensive Line last year in the first draft when they needed it. This year i think will be the same. Since Marvin Lewis became head coach of the Bengals, the team has been a defensive threat. The biggest fear they have on the defense is the depth and lack of speed and talent at the linebacker position.

Look no further. Roquan Smith by many has said he may be the best elite linebacker in the last ten to twenty years. Since Roquan’s freshmen year they knew he was a talent. He was second in tackles and in his second year he was first. In 2017 he lit the world on fire. 123 solo tackles, 15 tackles for loss, 4.5 sacks, and is probably the fastest defensive player in the draft. As shown in the video, he has abilities you can’t teach. Best ability is to snuff out a screen pass. From sideline to sideline he is the best upgrade in speed than any Free Agent linebacker can give you. He would also be the best coverage linebacker on the Bengals core.

Having Vontaze Burfict and Roquan Smith with one of the best Defensive Lines in the game is very scary to think about. Ability wise Roquan is a top ten pick but the teams in the top ten are looking for offense. To answer why they won’t go offensive line again is because if the Bengals want to make that deep playoff push in the next two years they will need to get their offensive linemen in Free Agency.




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