Denver Broncos Are Looking To Put Aqib Talib On The Trading Block

The Denver Broncos are looking to expand their cap space by trading high key players with too much value on the contracts they have left. They will be rebuilding through the draft the next couple years. They think they can get good value out of a trade with Aqib Talib.

His existing contract that is left is 11 million in 2018 and 8 million in 2019. The Broncos will carry a dead cap of 1 million. There are a lot of talk that the chiefs will want to try to make an offer. Question is can the Bengals figure out an offer. At the end of the article I would love to hear from the readers about how you feel about having a dangerous cornerback threat on both sides.

The Bengals have as of now 39.1 million in cap space and will possibly go higher. The thing is the Bengals need to allot at least half that cap space to get 3 solid offensive linemen. Now there are a few players that we can dump to create even more space. I think it wouldn’t hurt dumping Adam Jones which carries almost a 6.5 million dollar cap hit and a dead cap of $666,668. Maybe even include him in a trade for Aqib Talib. Jones has one year left on contract of almost 5.8 million and offer a 3rd and 4th pick in 2019 draft.

The Bengals will be able to take the rest of the contract with the expanded cap space. The Bengals will have the emerging William Jackson III and veteran Aqib Taib covering both sides. In a perfect world this will happen but I think if we do play effectively in the free agent market we will keep the cap space for the offensive line. Wouldn’t it be awesome though to have your cornerbacks locked up for the next couple years.

Please give me your opinion in the comments and tell me what trade you would make if you would even want to make a trade for Talib.


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