Andrew Norwell: All Pro Lineman Becomes The Best Free Agent Linemen

Since the dawn of Free Agency it was hard to get an All Pro Lineman because it is almost become impossible to see like seeing an All Pro Quarterback. Most teams want to resign before they get to free agency. This year Andrew Norwell has become the 3rd most talked about free agent and the best lineman in the bunch. Carolina Panthers didn’t resign due to having too much money locked up in their offensive line already. The projected payday would most likely be 12 million average a year including about a 30 million guarantee.

Teams that should be looking to make an offer :

  • San Francisco 49ers
  • New York Giants
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Cincinnati Bengals

Clint Boling had the best grade among all the offensive linemen for the Bengals last season. He played left guard but can also play right guard. Andrew Norwell is a premiere left guard and has a grade that is 10 points higher than Boling. That would solidify the two guard positions. The price tag as mentioned will be big. The Bengals salary cap space is still 39.1 million. They have plenty of room and should see Cedric Ogbuehi contract disappear. In all, the Bengals will be fine going after one of the best guard in the business.



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