The Cincinnati Bengals Off Season Plans At Free Agency

In posts before, I have said the Bengals are going to be active in Free Agency. Not only do they need to make a push to start vets in the holes in the offensive line (Ryan Jensen and Andrew Norwell) but they also have to remember the Free Agents they have that might leave. There is four major players that the Bengals might and might not keep.

Bengals key Free Agents

  • Russell Bodine – For the past 4 years Bodine has been graded as one of the worst centers in the last 4 years. The new Offensive Line coach (Frank Pollack) thinks he can change the way he plays. The Bengals really should move on and pick up a Center in the draft and Free Agency. I think Ryan Jensen will be impressive.

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  • Tyler Eifert – Injury prone Eifert only played one full season in his rookie contract and when he is healthy he ranks with Rob Gronkowski. Tyler Kroft had a break out year and should have plenty of potential left to fill his spot. It is a cheaper and patient move. In the draft they should go after a solid TE also to back Kroft up. Mark Andrews from Oklahoma ranks one of the best TEs in the draft.

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  • The most famous back Quarterback in recent memory is AJ McCarron. There should be no doubt the Bengals want to cut ties with him but will it be as a restricted free agent or an unrestricted free agent. The Bengals can lock up a draft tender if he stays restricted.

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  • The only one of the four that is very vital to the Bengals defense is Chris Smith. He came over from the Jaguars last season as a pass rush threat and he delivered.

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The remaining Free Agents have no purpose for the team going further. Pat Simms will be gone due to the depth of defensive line and Jeremy Hill will be allowed to walk due to depth at running back. Kevin Huber will get signed by the Bengals due to being the best punter in the game at the moment. Andre Smith is on the bubble since there are younger free agents at his position.



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