Joe Mixon Wants To Help The Bengals Get That First Ring

In the past 2017 season, the biggest buzz other than the Bengals first round draft choice fail (John Ross) was the Bengals second rounder Joe Mixon. Joe Mixon had only one full year at the college ranks becoming a standout running back for the Oklahoma Sooners. He hits holes patiently and when he is ready to burn, he is hard to catch. Things you can’t teach is what he knows. He not only has patience and hitting holes hard, he can also lineup anywhere and become a dynamic receiver.

This past season Joe had 626 yards on 176 carries with 4 touchdowns. He also displayed his catching ability with 287 yards on 30 catches. The best stat that we haven’t seen since Corey Dillion is his yards after first contact. He has the ability to break more than one tackle per play.

The bad thing about his production being low is the coaches inability to know that Joe Mixon is their guy. We all knew Giovanni Bernard was going to have a lot of playing time but the question was Why is Jeremy Hill starting? Most of Mixon’s carries were between both Steeler games. They finally realized he was taking over Hill’s job. Then an injury in the last Steeler game cut him off from having a 1000 yard season.

Here is what Joe Mixon has been saying and I will agree with this assessment:

With a top offensive line like the Bengals used to have Mixon will be the next Le’Veon Bell.

I have no doubts that he is the same type of runner as Bell. Both can also play anywhere to become an unstoppable receiver. We saw what Mixon can do with a below average offensive line. Think if they had a better than average offensive line.


He wants those rings. Let’s have a great off-season and get it done.



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