Ken Anderson: A Cincinnati Bengals Legend Still Not In Hall Of Fame

It Has been 32 seasons since Ken Anderson played his last snap and an atrocity is still occurring. Ken Anderson played in a time where defense was the name of the game and a power running game. Quarterbacks were gun-shy compared to the Quarterbacks today. Ken Anderson has  tremendous  list of reasons why he should have been in the Hall Of Fame decades ago.

Before we list his many records he held at the time he played, let’s make sure we know what era he played in. The era was known for ball control and keeping some of the meanest defenses on the field. Even the best defenses get tired. Some of the best defenses in history played in his era including the Steel Curtain in the 70s and early 80s.

Under Bill Walsh tutelage, Ken Anderson became the first Quarterback to run the West Coast offense to perfection. He had 7 winning seasons and three double digit win seasons. He led the Bengals to four-post seasons in 1973,1975,1981,and 1982 and made the Bengals franchise relevant for the first time by participating in Super Bowl 16.

Ken Anderson posted 91 wins in 172 games without having a Hall Of Fame receiver. He never played with a good defense. Speaking of defenses, He also had to play against the Steel Curtain twice a year and was one of the only Quarterbacks that had good success against them.

He is one of the best regular season Quarterbacks of all time specially for his era. In 1974, Ken Anderson posted one of the best seasons in NFL history for his era He had a 64.3 completion percentage and a 95.1 passer rating. If you measure those numbers in todays standards it would be 73 % and up in the 110’s for passer rating. In 1975, Anderson tossed 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, led the league in yards per attempt, and posted a sensational 93.9 passer rating, which would equal 105.3 by today’s standards.

In 1981 Ken earned MVP honors with 29 touchdowns, 10 picks, and posted a passer rating of 97.4. In 1982, Anderson shattered the NFL single-season record for completion percentage by completing 70.6 percent of his passes. That record stood for 27 years till Drew Brees beat it.

When you take Ken Anderson’ stats, his six best seasons are better than any other Quarterbacks best six seasons. In 1975, that season is still to this day the ninth best season a Quarterback has had in NFL history(1974 was ranked 12th best and 1982 was ranked 25th best). He is the only Quarterback to have three seasons in the top 25 of all time. He led the league in passer rating four times which only Sammy Baugh and Steve Young did more. When he retired, Anderson’s 81.5 passer rating trailed just four quarterbacks in the sixty year history of the NFL.

Experts, including Ken Anderson himself , tell him letting the Super bowl slip away is his downfall from getting into the Hall Of Fame. There has been plenty of Quarterbacks in the Hall Of Fame that never won a ring.

Comment down below if you think a petition should be run every year till he gets in. When you translate all his stats to today’s era he is one of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history.


2 thoughts on “Ken Anderson: A Cincinnati Bengals Legend Still Not In Hall Of Fame

  1. He definitely has an argument. One thing going against him: other QBs from his era have already gotten in (Bradshaw, Staubach, Griese, Fouts, Stabler). Fair or not, as the all-time QB stats leaderboard continues to shift with the guys currently in the league, many people that do not think as critically as you will compare what he did against the modern era and be less impressed. His overall win-loss record might be the dagger in my eyes. Eli Manning has a similar career winning percentage. The difference? 2 Super Bowls, 2 Super Bowl MVPs. I’d like to see Ken get in, but we shall see.

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