Bengals Can’t Fill The Seats

The Bengal franchise has been known not to sell out their seats in the last 3 decades. The Bengals last season sell out was 2013 but hasn’t sold out since. Even when the team was making playoff pushes. In 2015, the Bengals opted for the 85% rule where you don’t have your game blacked out if you sell 85% or more of your seats. Last year the Bengals had the worst crowd appearances at Bengal vs Steelers games since the 70’s.

What will get the fans back in the seats? Is it ownership? Is it Marvin Lewis? Is it the combination of both? Maybe the seats are just that expensive for a franchise owner that has been satisfied for the level of play he is giving us. The seats for Browns games are more expensive than Bengal tickets so it can’t be that. I think the fans are just tired of repeated mediocrity and the fans want a reason to believe.


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