Le’veon Bell:The Donald Trump Of The NFL

I know this is a Bengals Blog but i saw this like almost everyone in the free world and just dropped my jaw. This is not the first time Le’veon Bell trended on twitter. I have been seeing mixed reviews on this tweet he made. Well we all know a top RB might not want to play for the Jets and I’m sure Bell is just trying to chase that money.

There is one thing I think a lot of fans of the game would like to say to Bell:                            SHUT UP AND LET YOUR AGENT DO HIS JOB

Bell is on the verge of being tagged possibly a second time. He is in negoations with the organization for a long term high bank deal. He has to stop and think that he is in the NFL which is a professional league. Keep it professional. That is probably the dumbest tweet he can respond to at a fan. This person that tweeted isn’t even a part of the Jets organization. This tweet might have knocked him down a peg when half the league don’t want to pay him anything. Disrespecting a team makes owners think why would they want to pay him.


This player has become selfish and maybe the Steeler organization had something to do with that. Bell wants Quarterback money. No Running back is going to get Quarterback money.

This is the end of my rant. No more talk about Bell. We got Joe Mixon and soon he will prove to be better.



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