Say Goodbye To Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill has accepted his next role in the NFL which is saying goodbye to the Bengals and saying hello to Free Agency. The former LSU star running back had a very confusing time during his rookie contract. He was the backup to Giovanni Bernard in his rookie year but sprung into action halfway through the season. He had one of the best second half seasons a rookie RB has ever had. He finished the 2014 season with 1,124 yards and 9 touchdowns.

He got the nod to be the starter because of his performance in his rookie year. Hill started to feel the 2nd season jinx. He only had 794 yards sharing reps with Gio in the 2015 season and had the fumble in the playoffs that helped kill their chance at a playoff victory.  He did lead the league in rushing touchdowns though. Then in 2016 the wheels started to come off. Hill lost his identity with the team. Then last season Joe Mixon basically kicked him to the curb.

He should have no worries going to another team especially since there are teams that are missing his explosive power. He just needs to be a number 1 back to a team. The best thing on his resume is from 2014-2016 Jeremy Hill produced the most touchdowns in the league in that time frame (30).


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