Bengals Dealing With KIRK COUSINS?

Kirk Cousins name has been coming up in every franchise fan base that thinks they need a quarterback. There is definitely reason to believe he can lift the Bengals up. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of why he is even on everyone’s minds.

Kirk Cousins the last  three years have been able to reach the 4,000 yard plato and have a 67 % completion rate. Now the key to that level of play this season was that he had no big names to throw to and still did 4,000 plus yards. The Redskins lost DeShawn Jackson and Pierre Garcon to free agency. Now the part Bengal fans are used to, Kirk’s playoff record is one and done also. That is the same area Andy Dalton struggles in badly. With a great offensive line like he did during the Bengals 5 year playoff run, Andy Dalton is a top ten quarterback. Now that goes into my next part of the analysis in weighing the cons.

Kirk Cousins didn’t break stride when he had no receivers this past season but its way different when you have no offensive line. If the Bengals even consider dropping Andy Dalton and sign Kirk Cousins you would be paying Cousins 15 to 20 million more a year. The Bengals cap space as of now is a little bit over 39.1 million. The cap room would be half gone and then you wonder why the Bengals didn’t go after offensive lineman in Free Agency.

Kirk Cousins does sound like a better choice in theory but you have to think about future finances. In the next few years the defense will have to get new contracts and blowing 25 to 30 million a year to have Cousins will not save the defense.


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