AJ McCarron Trade Value Looks Better ?

AJ McCarron, former two-time national champion with the Crimson Tide, has played in only four regular season games (plus one playoff). Most of his career he has been carrying a clipboard and warming that bench. Since the Bengals finally gave him his shot at the end of the 2015 season, they found out that he has some value but how high is his value.

Yesterday (Jan.30, 2018), Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs found himself in the mist of a huge trade. He will be going to the Redskins with a contract of 94 million over the next 4 years in exchange for a third round pick and Kendall Fuller.

Now take that trade and you have a 32-year-old Alex Smith traded for a third rounder and a player still in rookie contract. During the season Jimmy Garoppolo was traded for a second rounder. Garoppolo has also had success when Tom Brady was out. Does any of these trades justify that AJ McCarron can be traded now.

There have been rumors all over now that the Browns might want to break a deal because the Browns asked for a trade on Smith first. I think with the Browns having close to 18 picks this draft, a trade of a second and third can definitely be in order. Then the Bengals can get all their future players in the draft they need and still play the Free Agent market.


On a side note. I hear anti-Dalton fans saying Kirk Cousins is available now.  That will never happen because first off Andy Dalton still is getting paid his signing bonus 2.4 million and Kirk Cousins market value is almost as high as Matthew Stafford. Keep dreaming!!!! We stick to Dalton. Try and make a trade with the Browns. It also justifies getting a late round Quarterback like a Ferguson.

Of Course this all can’t happen because he is a restricted free agent so the Bengals will give a first round tender for him. If the Bengals don’t match a offer they can receive a first round pick from that team.


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