Mike Brown Thinks The Bengals Have just As Much Talent As The Steelers

Most of the NFL nation was laughing yesterday with a statement that was said by Mike Brown. He said, “I think we have the talent equivalent to the Steelers”. In all cases you should laugh at that statement but for now let’s analyze why he would say that.

Defense :

  • The Bengals have a faster and more talented line but the Steelers picked up more sacks and had a better run defense.
  • A lot of the sacks came from the Steelers linebacker core where the Bengals had a lot of injures to overcome and is not very deep in that position.
  • The Bengals secondary is light years ahead of the Steelers. In fact it is the secondary for both teams that make the games.

Offense :

  • Both quarterbacks have great records in the regular season. Ben has had more success though in the playoffs.
  • The running back situation is equal in talent due to the adding of Joe Mixon which has the same skill set as Le’Veon Bell. Plus the Bengals have Gio.
  • Then comes the offensive line. the struggle is real with the Bengals. Most of the Bengals line is filled with average to below average players where the Steelers have  Pro Bowl caliber players.

So really why are we laughing at a statement that is correct but was said in a way that was not specified. It’s not the talent of the players, it’s the talent of the coaching. The Bengals haven’t even tapped even close to the potential the Bengals have in talent. They still don’t know what the busted talent of John Ross will do. They have second year players they forgot they had (Tyler Boyd). They didn’t even realize the talent of Joe Mixon till later in the season. This is all coaching and the likeness of ownership pleased by producing a mediocre coaching staff.


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