Should The Bengals Keep Russell Bodine ?

In the Bengals first move before Free Agency begins, they want to resign Russell Bodine. The former 4th round draft pick from North Carolina in 2014 has started every game since getting the starting position in 2015. The only thing in my mind for keeping him is that he is durable. Last season he had one of the lowest grades for a Center yet the Bengals find nothing wrong with that.

Don’t waste your money. A new offensive line is like building Rome. you can’t build it in a day. Don’t save this guy. First off he has been scrutinized for having smaller arms and we all know you need a long wing span for Center. He lacks the upper body strength. Plus there is three possible Centers in the draft that i would rather have in his place that would do a better job right out of the gate.

Billy Price from Ohio State is the top Center in the draft. The Bengals will want to take the best available offensive lineman in first round so you would probably see them take Frank Ragnow from Arkansas or even Scott Quessenberry in the later rounds. Matt Paradis from the Broncos, John Sullivan from the Rams, and Weston Richburg of the Giants are the top Free Agents. There are plenty to choose from and the Bengals have plenty of cap space to go Free Agency if need be.

What do you think the Bengals should do?


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