Crown AJ Green

Through the 50 years the Bengals have had there have been just a few notable legendary wide receivers. Eddie Brown came as a first round pick in the 1985 draft. He is the last wide receiver of this list of few to win a playoff. Carl Pickens came to the Bengals as a second rounder in 1992. Chad Johnson maybe the most colorful receivers of all time came to the Bengals in 2001 in the second round. Then came AJ Green, a first rounder in the 2011.

All four of these receivers have two things in common. they all have the ability of speed and they have hands of gods. Eddie Brown was famous for his deep crossing patterns and possess the ability to always be a step ahead. Carl Pickens was a perfect route runner and always found the end zone. In 1995, he set the record at the time with 99 catches and 17 touchdowns. Chad Johnson in his 10 years holds 11 Bengal records held to this day.

So what makes AJ Green different from the rest? First off, he is one of the most consistent receivers in the whole league today with having his first 5 seasons having more than 1000 yards (6 of his first 7 only Randy Moss has done it better). He can beat single coverage all the time and has a height and leaping advantage on double teams. He has already had two hail mary catches and 14 touchdowns notably for wins. He is the only Bengal receiver to make it to the Pro Bowl every year he has played.He hasn’t beaten any of Chad Johnson’s records yet but by the time he retires hopefully as a Bengal he will have every Bengal record for receiving.


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