Where Does Tyler Boyd Fit In?

The question that was on everyone’s mind all season till the last game of this season was “Where is Boyd?” Tyler Boyd was third for rookie wide receivers in yards and catches in 2016. He was the best go to guy on 3rd downs having 22 catches for first down. Down side was Boyd had 3 costly drops in 2016 most notably against the Giants on Monday Night missing a go ahead touchdown.

In 2016 the wide receiver core made sense. he number 1 receiver of course is 7 time pro bowler AJ Green. The number two receiver was Brandon Lefell which kind have resurrected his career with the Bengals. Then comes the third receiver in Tyler Boyd. He runs great routes. He has AJ Green type height. He is a great go to guy in third downs.

In 2017, the Bengals decided to “stack” the wide receivers and kept seven receivers. Someone was going to get lost in the shuffle and for some reason that was Boyd. First rounder John Ross didn’t even play but one game. Malone is another gifted receiver that didn’t play much. Boyd basically did half the production he did last year. So when they fix the Offensive Line this offseason they have to think about the main three again and drop a couple receivers like the bust John Ross. Just remember how great Tyler Boyd can be


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