Leave First 50 Years Behind

The Bengals have just finished their first 50 years and you can’t be a true fan if you accepted what they did in those 50 years. They only had twelve playoff appearances. Marvin Lewis has seven of them since 2003. They had two AFC conference titles in the 1980’s while Paul Brown was the owner. After his passing Mike Brown took over and slammed the franchise to the ground with the next season being the 27th season without a playoff victory.

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Let’s forget about the first 50 years. We are now starting a new 50. Yes we still have Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis but the window has not closed yet. The Bengals have a great wide receiver core and added one of the most electrifying running backs we had in a while ( Joe Mixon ). Andy Dalton is a very proven regular season quarterback but just needs a new offensive line to get the job done.

We added very good coordinators to the team. Teryl Austin has been the talk of the town. He is the new Defensive Coordinator with a savage appetite. He has great blitzing schemes and this team has a lot of talent on that line. Frank Pollack is the new Offensive Line coach coming from the Dallas Cowboys. He coaches top five lines.

Everything is set. Defensively we have one of the most talented defensive lines in the league and we witnessed the dawn of a new shutdown cornerback named William Jackson III.


No one stops Antonio Brown like he does.

So buy your tickets. Get your jerseys. The Bengals will be alive and well the next 50 years.


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