Andy Dalton And AJ McCarron

Let’s end the rumors right now. A lot of my fellow writers have been blogging about how Andy Dalton’s time is up. There have been rumors about the first pick of our draft will be Baker Mayfield. That is a step backwards. The major need this offseason is Offensive line wether it be by Free Agency or by draft. The latest post was the Buffalo Bills would benefit from Dalton. Lay that rumor to rest.

images (8)

Now bring AJ McCarron to the mix again. We all know from last season he isn’t worth a first round pick but i believe he is a second round trade. The Bills and the Jets would benefit from him immediately. Some say they saw him with a Browns hat on the other day and we all know Hue loved McCarron.

What will the Bengals do for backup if they trade McCarron? The draft is filled with not just offensive lineman but quarterbacks are all over the board.



2 thoughts on “Andy Dalton And AJ McCarron

  1. I say we go O-line, LB, O-line in the draft. AJ was great to have on the bench but I do believe he will be gone it’s time to move from him and coach up Driscoll maybe draft a QB in the latter rounds or pick one up through FA.


    1. make sure you follow by email so u can have a entry into the draft contest. I totally agree with you on this. There will be oline all the way thru the draft also.


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