The Cincinnati Bengals Steal In The Seventh Round Signed His Rookie Contract

Auden Tate

The Cincinnati Bengals seventh round draft pick wide receiver Auden Tate signed his four-year rookie contract last week. He is in Cincinnati for a purpose.

The Bengals believe they have a real beneficial steal in round seven. Former wide receiver from Florida State Auden Tate was a big part of the Seminoles red zone offense. The Bengals are always in need of a receiver like that.

The importance of Auden Tate making the 53-man roster will make vast competition between all the young wide receivers the Bengals have received in the last couple drafts. Why have so much competition? The Bengals have not found the second receiver to help AJ Green get the man to man coverage he wants. The Bengals have been missing a number 2 receiver since Marvin Jones in 2015. The hunt for the next famous duo is close. Last year’s first round draft pick John Ross will be healthy. Auden will be showcasing his talent also.

There is good belief that now number 2 receiver Brandon LaFell wont be here after this season. He has made a couple of good seasons. He hasn’t done anything like they had at one time in that position. His contract will be up after this season.

Here is what Auden Tate’s contract entails :

Auden Tate
Auden Tate’s rookie contract

He is set to get $2.46 million for the next four years. His prorated bonus is $51,804. This is what a normal rookie contract would look like. Rookie contracts don’t hold much dead money in case they need to be cut.

There will be a great use for Auden Tate. He is a great red zone threat in case TE Tyler Eifert isn’t up to par. He has great hands and he has the height like AJ Green does. Let’s see what he can do.


The Cincinnati Bengals Will Have Special Teams Battles

Alex Erickson

Cincinnati Bengal fan have gotten used to Alex Erickson returning kicks. Will he still be able to contribute with the talent they brought in through the draft?

Alex Erickson has been returning kickoffs and punts for the Cincinnati Bengals for the last two years. He has been more than adequate. His average for kickoff returns has been a solid 24.1 yards a return. He also had some punt returns only averaging 7.1 yards a punt return. He has had a couple of break aways but never scored. It is Erickson’s speed and ability to finish returns that will find him compelled to compete for his job.

In the 2018 NFL Draft, the Bengals selected three very accomplished return men from the college ranks. Former West Virgina safety Jessie Bates, former Miami of Florida running back Mark Walton, and former Western Michigan corner back Darius Phillips will all be competing for jobs in Erickson’s area of expertise. This is where the speed comes in and the ability to finish off big plays. These three all can do that.

Jessie Bates  known for his hard-hitting at safety is also an excellent hands man. Along with his speed he has the makings of a excellent return man. If anything he would be the next punter returner. The ability to see the ball and feeling the pressure quicker is all great attributes for being a punter returner. Check out 5:47 on video from one of his punt returns.

Mark Walton, a speedster from Miami of Florida, has had his fair share in the return game in 2015 season. Not only did he return but he also played the gunner position so he can play different areas in special teams.

The player that really impressed me on tape is Darius Phillips. He is the only one out of the three that scored on a return. He scored 6 touchdowns in the return game and 5 interceptions for touchdowns. He is a touchdown machine. There will be no surprise that he gets a kickoff return job.

Watch for Jessie Bates to get on the 53 man roster due to his expertise as a safety. Mark Walton and Darius Phillips should get a roster spot for special teams. It is a hard time thinking Erickson can hang with this grade of talent but we will see.


Bengals Are Facing A Pivotal Year And Are Looking To Prove Skeptics Wrong


The Cincinnati Bengals are facing a pivotal year. They needed to improve the offense. They have done just that and now they need to prove the skeptics wrong.

The biggest problem the 2017-2018 Bengals faced, was closing out opponents!  They simply got nothing out of their offense in the second half, all year!  A lot of this, of course, can be attributed to their poor O-line play! Cedric Ogbuehi is no way, shape or form, as good as Andrew Whitworth (who left via FA to the Rams)!  The loss of Kevin Zeitler, also hurt us up front and those holes, just couldn’t be filled!

So the Bengals, step outside of themselves and make predraft trades.  Essentially, they are able to address their starting LT and C positions, with their first round pick!  I think the fact, they brought in Billy Price over what some analysts considered, better talent, was due to the fact; they need a new voice on their line!  What is certain, from watching him at OSU is: he is definitely that voice!

If we really want to see what our young guys such as: Tyler Boyd, Cody Core, John Ross, Josh Malone, and Joe Mixon are about, then addressing the line was essential!  Andy Dalton has caught a lot of criticism this last season, with his sub par play.  But one positive takeaway, from last year is, his turnovers were still way down!  Despite the fact, he spent most of his time, running for his life!  Bill Lazor having a full training camp/off-season, to implement his offense will also serve as a major plus! Ken Zampese just never seemed to dial-up the right plays, at the right time!  Lazor made improvements, when he stepped in week 3, but he was limited in what he could do, in that situation.

Bill Lazor
Bill Lazor gets his chance to get truly original.

The Bengals definitely will need better play out of Andy Dalton and AJ Green!  In fact, many have speculated that this is, in fact a do or die year, for Andy.  Last year, the offensive line, was the excuse.  This year, Andy is going to have to show, he can return to 2015 form, given the proper protection!

Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton will have no excuses. He is set to win.

The Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins Makes The Top 100 List

Geno Atkins

Cincinnati Bengals star defensive tackle Geno Atkins has made yet another top 100 list by his peers. He ranked 63rd in 2017.

The Cincinnati Bengals star defensive tackle Geno Atkinsis no stranger to the NFL Network top 100. This is his fifth time in the top 100. He is ranked 63rd according to his peers. As he turned 30 this year Atkins continues to create havoc to every offensive line. He has 61 sacks and he can’t wait to do some more with the Bengals.

Geno Atkins
Geno Atkins loves sacking Steelers Qb Ben Roethlisberger.

Geno Atkins also is ranked 4th between all defensive tackles in the league. Rams DT Aaron Donald, Bucs DT Gerald McCoy, and Eagles DT Fletcher Cox was ranked higher the Geno Atkins. There can be a great debate on Atkins being compared with Donald then the other two.

Geno Atkins has been dominating since 2010. He has not slowed down. He had 9 sacks and 21 QB hits last season at the age of 29. This year is Geno Atkins contract year. He has been waiting for an extension before this season starts. Regardless he will produce. With Teryl Austin’s new defense expect Atkins to get double digits in sacks and rush the QB at will. He will be battling Aaron Donald for defensive tackle supremacy.

The Cincinnati Bengals Star Cornerback William Jackson III Will Be Covering Pro- Bowl Talent This Season

William Jackson III

The Cincinnati Bengals had star cornerback William Jackson III become one of the best situational cornerbacks in the game. This year the fans want to see him become a starter. This is what he has to cover if he does start.

There is no doubt the Cincinnati Bengals selecting cornerback William Jackson III in the first round of the 2016 draft was the right decision. He missed his first season due to injury but came with vengeance in his second year. He posted some of the best numbers by a cornerback since PFF (Pro Football Focus) started grading players back in 2007. He was a backup though. That is why he didn’t get the full accolades he so richly deserves.


William Jackson III
William Jackson III proof he was a shutdown corner in 2017.

Now that the fans want William Jackson to be a full-time starter, this is who he will be facing this season. He will be facing six-time Pro-Bowler Antonio Brown twice. He is arguably the best wide receiver in the game today yet Jackson only allowed two catches for seven yards last year.

Top Wide Receivers William Jackson III has to face
Top Wide Receivers William Jackson III has to face.

He will also be facing some Pro-Bowlers outside of the division. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones had 88 catches and 1444 yards with only three touchdowns. Believe it or not that is a mediocre season for a high talented player like Jones. Tampa Bay Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans had 71 catches for 1004 yards and five touchdowns last season. This young receiver is getting acknowledgement of being a top five wide receiver like Julio Jones. LA Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen had 102 catches for 1393 yards and scored six touchdowns. He is maybe the most under rated receiver with only five years in the league. New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is the youngest player on the list. With Dree Brees passing to Thomas it is no wonder he averaged 100 catches in his first two years.

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is by far the best athlete on this list of receivers. It does not matter which quarterback is for the Texans. He makes them look great. This will probably be the hardest matchup William Jackson III will have to face.

William Jackson III is fully capable of covering all these gifted receivers on a full-time basis. This will make for a very compelling argument for the rest of the off-season. Let’s hope the Bengals give him the chance to bring it to life.

The Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Leader : Vontaze Burfict

Vontaze Burfict

The Cincinnati Bengals will be starting the 2018 season without their defensive captain Vontaze Burfict. He is suspended for four games due to his PED violation.

Bengals olb Vontaze Burfict has started every season since 2014 either on the DL or serving a suspension. He has an old school spirit and plays with an old school mentality. It has gotten to the point where every time Burfict makes a hard hit on a player there could be a flag on a great hit. It has already been said that he could be praised as one of the greats if he was playing in the 70’s.

Usually his suspensions are for disorderly conduct on the field. This time it is for violating PED regulations. Burfict tried to appeal to no great outcome. He had unknown substance in the medication he was taking for his injury suffered by Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith Schuster. His appeal was denied.

Another season without the Bengals defensive leader is becoming common knowledge. Soon some skeptics think it is starting to be not worth the time having him not fulfill his season commitment while taking suspensions every season.

In 2013 Vontaze Burfict made headlines. He made the Pro Bowl in his second year. He worked real hard for he wasn’t even drafted. It is not hard to believe that one of the best linebackers in the game wasn’t even drafted. His talent is unreal but his attitude dropped him out of the draft. After his first Pro Bowl he is back to his crazy attics.

Here is the question though. How did he become the leader? He bleeds for this organization. He puts every ounce of energy into everything he does. He never holds back. As his teammates start to realize how gifted he was, they started to follow what he preaches. This defense has been in the top ten in many defensive categories since Burfict’s arrival. Even without him for four games they will give it all they have.

Now will anyone step up in his absence? Backup olb Jordan Evans had a rocky start last season but ended with a lot of experience under his belt. Look for Evans and rookie Malik Jefferson to share the role. When Burfict comes back they will be ready to roll. Hopefully they can get at least three victories during his suspension. That would serve a credit to Teryl Austin for getting two young talents ready for action.

Vontaze Burfict’s actions speak louder than words. That is for the good and the bad. For all the plays he has made it would be foolish to even think about dropping him. He is this defense. This whole defense respects him.


WHO DEY!!!!!

The Cincinnati Bengals Have A Chance To Sign Riley Ferguson

Riley Ferguson

The Cincinnati Bengals may have selected and signed the wrong rookie quarterback. Should they go after former Memphis quarterback Riley Ferguson? He was cut by the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Riley Fergusonwas an undrafted free agent that signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs. They decided to go with small school talent at the quarterback position so they cut Ferguson. Logan Woodside was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the seventh round. The sceptics were out on this pick simply because a lot of mock drafts including this site placed Riley Ferguson with the Bengals.

Former Memphis quarterback Riley Ferguson is a perfect fit for the Cincinnati Bengals. He comes from the same type of offense former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton came from. He has a quick release on the ball (under 2 seconds). He had an explosion of weapons to his disposal. In his two-year career Riley Ferguson posted an accurate 63 % completion rate. He averaged almost 4000 yards in his two seasons. He also had a touchdown to interception ratio of 70 to 19 in two years.

After looking at Logan Woodside, he has a huge learning curve. Regardless who they keep this will be a backup learning position. Woodside just never faced high quality defenses in college. The abilities Riley Ferguson possesses can make him the 2nd string quarterback immediately. With the Bengals talent at wide receiver and running back he should have no problem to step in. Riley has had a lot more success in a high-powered offense and played good defenses before. Plus you can actually say Riley can be a quarterback of the future.

What will this cost the Bengals? If Logan Woodside gets cut after June 1 it will cost the Bengals nothing. Riley Ferguson would be signed for even less than Logan. If Logan was cut before June 1 it will just cost his 60,000 signing bonus.

As you can tell in the video Ferguson can throw all the routes with precision. He is extremely mobile. He can throw on the run and across his body. He can run naked bootleg with ease due to being as mobile as he is.